Core Values:

  • Commitment to excellence in aesthetics training
  • Create an open forum for training companies to discuss issues and provide a united voice for trainers
  • Compliance with and help leading the improvement in regulatory standards and codes of conduct
  • The provision of live practical training to support the development of competent practitioners
  • The provision of a Level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine
  • Commitment to continued review and development of methods and modalities of training in order to support the highest degree of skill/knowledge acquisition in the learner
  • Commitment to the collection and review of critical feedback from all learners
  • Engagement with external reviewers/auditors where they are available
  • Respect for the legislation surrounding advertising standards relating to aesthetic medicine and a commitment to disseminate these principles amongst learners
  • Respect for the ethicolegal issues surrounding aesthetic medicine including psychological health and wellbeing and a commitment to disseminate these principles amongst learners
  • Respect of the importance of collaboration and communication between training providers in order to support the delivery of excellent training, as standard, across the UK
  • An independent body with no contractual or monetary links to any other group or association


    • To function as a democratic organisation which engages with scheduled activities focussed on the values listed above
    • Protect a free and fair membership and admission structure
    • Deconstruct and overcome common obstacles and barriers to the delivery of excellent training
    • Identify and share mechanisms that support improvement in training standards
    • Work in partnership with regulators, manufacturers, awarding bodies, medical registers and other groups to drive safe, controlled and responsible development of the industry
    • Collate data from all training providers for the purposes of higher-powered audit and research